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Barsotti ‘s farm is located in one of the most fascinating areas in the Etruscan Coast, in Vignanuova location in the heart of the wine road of Bolgheri DOC, at the foot of the village of Castagneto Carducci and of the tower of Donoratico.

The company has developed around the old farm, called “Vignanuova” built by the Count Guido Alberto Gherardesca in 1838 to serve the great vineyard planted on the land several years earlier, called “new plant”.

Its location about four kilometers from the sea, with its high level of around 90m, gives it a special microclimate suitable for the plantation of grapes and olives.

The extra virgin Tuscan olive oil the IGP Podere Vignanova produced by Barsotti’s farm, is yellow with greenish tones.
On the nose it is very elegant, it smells of white fruit and vegetable tones.
The taste is balanced with vegetal notes of artichoke plants and grass. The finish is slightly spicy with a pleasant bitterness.
The farm cultivates on land about 900 plants with the traditional system, with the typical Tuscan varieties, namely:
  • frantoiana (40%)
  • leccino (35%)
  • moraiola (20%)
  • pendolino (5%)

The olives harvest takes place during the period from late October to mid December, and it is performed exclusively by hand.

The pressing performed within 24 hours with continuous cycle oil mill and cold pressed, produces a product with very low acidity range always between 0.2 and 0.3 degrees.

The best way to appreciate the quality of our oil is to taste it raw, on the classic bruschetta. It is also suitable for all dishes of Tuscan and Mediterranean cuisine.

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